Modularz was founded by Developer (Adrian Sandoval) back in 2006 and was originally a collective of underground techno shows held in the warehouse district of Los Angeles.

Developer held a four year residency at the Modularz events before deciding to change his concept from doing events into a techno label that and featured many of his long time friends & talents most who were unofficial residents that frequently played at Modularz events such as Silent Servant, Fanon Flowers, Truncate & Santiago Salazar to name a few, all who have released on Modularz in the beginning stages back in 2010 helping to give life to a label that has now gained worldwide recognition as one of the most important techno labels from the Americas in the recent decade.  

Modularz continues to base in the city of Los Angeles with expansions in Berlin, Germany & Barcelona, Spain. 


" Techno in the purest form "